Ill health retirement: Some good news

I am posting this week’s blog on behalf of a member of the NHS Long Covid community. They wanted others to have hope in relation to applying for ill health retirement.

It’s a longer blog than normal so please take your time over reading it. I have added in some headings (see above) and coloured blocks to make the blog easier to navigate.

Additional information about applying for ill health retirement from NHS pensions can be found here.

Good news

Hi all

I have news, that I think you all need to know. I have been awarded Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ill health retirement. I’d forgotten I’d applied for it, given that I’m in my early 40’s and haven’t heard of anyone else being successful and I’m probably much less “ill” than many others. I’d started the fairly torturous process to apply for PIP. But, the letter plopped on my doormat a couple of weeks ago and here I am, waiting for my lump sum and pension to start.

The reason I’m so keen to share this with you all is obvious. If I can be awarded this, then maybe you can too. I’ll tell you what I did, you can have a copy of my letter, and then if you do get turned down, you’ve got a much firmer footing to appeal.

Don’t try to read this all-in-one go!

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