Social Media – Who Decides What Is ‘Misinformation’?

This week’s blog is written by David Osborn (@SafeDavid3).

In the past week an incident has caused me to ponder who controls what is considered misinformation on social media. A blog written by an expert colleague (Dr Evonne Curran – @EvonneTCurran) was taken down by LinkedIn as representing “misinformation” (Figure 1). The blog summarised the evidence that covid is airborne and questioned the droplet narrative being evidence-based.

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Where does the ‘guilt’ really belong?

This week’s blog is written by David Osborn (@SafeDavid3), a health and safety consultant,  reflecting on the blog written by Anna Carey regarding her guilt about not being able to return to work because of her Long Covid.

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Anna’s is such an incredibly moving story. I’m confident that I can speak for the millions of people up and down the country who ‘clapped for carers’ at their doorsteps in saying that our hearts go out to her and all the health and social care workers who have acquired COVID-19 as a result of their work caring for patients and service-users. Let’s hope that time and rest (coupled with more focused research and treatment/interventions) will help her get better.

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